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How to Use the Planner

Here's a quick run through on how to use the digital planner!  There are slight differences between the individual and couples planner but I'll walk you through each step! 

Here's a quick rundown on how to use enter your anticipated budget! 


This tab is where you budget your income, expenses  and or goals month by month.  

  • Category: Categorizes the transaction.  

  • Group: Groups the category ie. Living, Entertainment, Beauty, Home, Retirement, Utilities.  

  • Type: Indicates if the item is Income, Need, Wants or Goals (you must use the dropdown)

The sheet will have common expenses to help you along, but you can remove or add any row and make the category and group unique to you.  


Here is where you add your transactions and income. The category column will be a dropdown which is carried over from the categories you created in the budget tab.  If you want to add a category here, just create it from the budget tab! 

The amounts will always be a positive amount regardless if it's an income, expense or goal. 

Couples Planner: The key distinction between the two sheets is the Info tab where couples will need to add their name and initials.  This detail will be carried over into the Transactions tab automatically.  Indicate who the Owner is (who made the purchase) and if it's a shared expense or a Transfer.  A Transfer means that you paid for someone but your partner intends to pay you back.  This can also include lending them money! 

Learn how to enter your transactions manually or from a credit card statement. 

Check out some key features of the monthly spend tab, with dashboards and live visuals. 

Monthly Spend

This is where the magic happens! The spreadsheet has done all the work for you. 

Want to know what your remaining cashflow is, where you've exceeded your budget or where most of your spend allocation is going.  It's all here!  

All you need to do is use the dropdown buttons in orange, select the year and month you're tracking and it will automatically pull up your transactions and run it against your budgeted figures. You can also use the dropdown in the dashboard for additional details. 


This quick overview gives a quick glimpse on where most of your spend is going and help adjust any spending. 

Fill this out to get your planner! 

Which planner are you most interested in?

Don't worry!  We'll give you access to both the individual and couples planner!

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